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Wedding Films


it matters.

I'm really excited about knowing people well enough to tell their honest-to-goodness story. That means it's more than me just showing up on the wedding day to capture what's there; it means I want to work with you to make a piece of art that represents who you are, and how you love - That's the driving goal for me.

the process

Here's the thing - you're really not the same as anybody. Because of that fact, my job is to provide you with a first-class experience all the way from booking to past your wedding. In order to do so, I limit the number of weddings that I book each year, so I can focus on making yours the real deal.

This guy should have 10 stars... he does a phenomenal job and really has an eye for beauty. He knows when to capture the perfect moments even when you don't know they are happening. His joy in his work truly shows.

the commitment

I'm in for the whole story. When you book me, you're starting with all-day coverage and a 5-7 minute feature film. I also include a 45-60 second instagram teaser posted the week after your wedding. From there, we can build your wedding experience according to your unique needs.

the price

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