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Hello, friend! I'm Ben.

I live in Des Moines, and I document the stories
you'll want to tell some day.

Before everything else, I’m a family man. My wife and I were married in 2018, and I’ve never felt so invested in a calling. Ever. Now we have two little girls, and everything is new again! All these years, I’ve been capturing what this is like for other people, and now I can appreciate those memories like never before.


My mission with photography and filmmaking is to find the true story of you, and tell it as beautifully as possible. Maybe that starts on your wedding day. Maybe that means hanging out for a portrait session. In any case, I’m here for you.

so let's talk a little while - who knows, maybe

we'll be friends and make some memories.                                                                                                 


@bencolesander on Instagram

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